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Archive for April, 2006

Waking up

I just played a show here at our annual spring carnival with the school’s bigband. We had a one-hour slot on the main stage at 1:30. I, however, dropped the ball big time and overslept, waking up to my phone ringing with an impatient bandleader on the other end. I don’t blame my girlfriend at all for letting me go back to sleep when I should have gotten up. I definitely wouldn’t want to wake someone up against their will after they’d given me as many dirty looks as I’ve given her for doing the same.

In other news, I have another concert coming up this Sunday at 7:00 PM in Kresge Auditorium in the CFA. We’ve got a few standards (Haitian Fight Song, 88 Basie Street, …) and some obscure selections (The Heart of the Matter, 500 Miles High, …). I’ll be taking some choruses on a few tunes.

Up all night

I’m up now doing CS Networks (15-441) and English Interpretation and Argument (76-101) in the cluster. I’ll be awake until it’s done, it’s due, or I die, depending on which one involves the most vending-machine food. Props to the buffalo flavored chips.

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