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Archive for May, 2006

The Summer haves

I have subletters.
I have[1] a job.
I have an apartment in Brooklyn.
I have projects to work on.
I have friends[2] in NYC.

That is all.

[1] The NYC Department of Health will undoubtedly make me dive head-first through hoops of fire while filling out copious amounts of paperwork before they give me a starting date
[2] Justina is in Taiwan for the next three weeks. No girlfriend until then :(

I need a subletter

Finding people to sublet the place from me this summer keeps me from paying rent here in Pittsburgh while I’m living in NYC. While that by itself is enough to motivate me to keep trying to find one, it goes a bit further. If I can avoid paying $300 per month in pittsburgh, I can move off of my sister’s couch and into a place with high school friends. I certainly don’t mind living with my sister; she’s really chill to live with, in fact. But the fact remains that I’d rather not spend my summer folding and unfolding couches, sneezing from cat dander, or tiptoeing through the house when I get home late. The best part is that it’s only a 15 minute walk away (or better yet, one subway stop)!

Pass this info along that I’m looking for someone to sublet to. Help me save money to move in with my friends in brooklyn.

BBoards using Mail.app

A friend of mine working closely with Carnegie Mellon’s Computing Services let me in on what appears to be a rather well-kept secret about reading the bboards sanely using Apple’s Mail.app. I say sanely because Mail.app doesn’t actually have a problem reading bboards; with your IMAP prefix set to nothing at all, Mail.app will happily download all of the bboards you want. The problem is that it can’t seem to find out exactly which bboards you want so it downloads every single one. This kills just about everything on your computer while your network usage skyrockets, your disk space shrinks rapidly, Mail.app tries to apply all of your mail filters, and Spotlight tries to catalog each message. (more…)