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Archive for June, 2006


Since getting my MacBook Pro back in March, I was always slightly disappointed by how little I could actually do with its remote control using the packaged software, Front Row, and the built-in system stuff (like changing the volume, playing/pausing iTunes). When I found iAlertU, I fell in love with the party-trick novelty it gave my computer and was a bit more satisfied. I still wished I could control a more diverse range of applications with the remote. VLC/MPlayer seem to have UIs that fit the remote’s design. They should be prime candidates.

Landed in NYC

I got to my spot in Brooklyn at around 6pm yesterday. I met up with my friend Mike from way back in middle school and then we went to see Ra Ra Riot downtown at The Knitting Factory. The band is a group of kids who just graduated from Syracuse and they’re being managed by Adam, my best friend from high school. The show was one of the best I’d seen recently and I really want them to come through Pittsburgh this fall. Check them out online at www.rarariot.com or http://www.myspace.com/rarariot (with embedded flash music player).