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I’m a poor college student. I charged a $1.50 PATH train ride to my PNC debit card two days ago and accidentally overdrew my checking account by $0.30. I still had $0.60 in my savings account, but I was charged $34.00 in overdraft fees anyway. I tried to transfer the money into the checking account online to cover the overdraft, but couldn’t because the online banking software doesn’t allow transfers of amounts less than $1.00. Evidently, transfers of this scale cannot be made over the phone either. The only way to make such a transfer is to go to an actual PNC branch and talk to a real-live-person. I could also have gotten what’s called “Overdraft Protection.” This is a service whereby money in some account A can be used to cover an overdraft in some account B. Perfect… right?


Important Things

Lots of people give things up for Lent. Despite not being religious, I still think that the practice of giving up a part of your life for your own enrichment is worthwhile and respectable. You see how to live your life in a different way and it keeps you strong and versatile. I have things that I need to give up from my life to keep myself strong and versatile. That’s what the next week is all about.

Sometimes you need to lock yourself away and force yourself to focus on what you need to do. Some things in this world are important enough that you just can’t give up on them. No matter how bad a situation gets, you can’t let them go. If you drop the ball on them, you NEED to pick it up and make things right.

This week, I’m going to pick up the ball and make things right. I have alot I need to do, alot of loose ends to tie up. The goal is to focus on the pieces of my life that I’ve neglected lately. I’ll be temporarily purging my life of many things, including several internet sites I waste lots of time on, games, and most instant messaging. I’ll still be on occasionally, but probably not for long stretches at a time. There’s much more important things for me to be spending my time on now.